Hey guys it’s Jada and today post is about my instagram theme. A lot of you guys are in love with my themes. And I decided to show you guys my editing process I go to get my photos to be nice (this is about my insta so please follow it @jadalifestyle13). Let’s begin



Snapseed – I use this to disaturate my background and also colors that don’t go with my theme. I use the brush tool for the background or to whiten.

Vsco – This app help me with my theme and let’s me tell you something. This app is the only app I use for all my themes and the filters are to die for! (#notsponored..lol). The filter I use for my new theme is A2. I don’t go to much of the filter. I only go up to +10 because I love the blue tone and green tint.       Here is the settings I use:   

  • A2 +10.0
  • Exposure -1.0
  • Sharpen +2.2
  • Saturation -0.8
  • Temperature +0.5
  • Tint -1.5

Preview for Instagram – This app I use for my theme since Vsco update. This is truly amazing. I will be talking about this app in a future post but this can remind you to post and plan your them.

That’s all for you today. Hope you follow me on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/jadalifestyle13/).See you soon. Bye!!

xxxx,                                                     Jada


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