Hey guys is Jada. And today post is going to be about makeup. I decided to make some lipstick by using these products. Let’s get sciencely (not a word lol):

Ingredients: 1.lipgloss: I suggests clear type of lip gloss than the ones which have a tint to it. You can get any brand that you want.                                     2.eye-shadow palette: You gonna need to use this for the diy because the eye-shadow will have more color in it. Any eye-shadow will work.


  1. Put the eye-shadow color all over your lip. If you want it to have more color,you can go over it again to get the color you want. Also can mix it to get a new color.
  2. Squeeze a little bit of lipgloss and rub it on your lips with the eye-shadow on to make it liquid so it more workable.


That’s it. You can do more weird and cool colors if you want. Yea this is my first diy and if you want to see more then comment so I will know. Talk to you soon. Bye!!!

xxxx,                                               Jada


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