Hey guys,today post is going to be the filters I love. I also have some examples of the filter on full blast on the photo. Let’s begin:

A2:This is the current filter I use for my theme. It have a blue tone to the photo.

HB1: This is a filter that add a blue tone to it. It gives you a urban type of feel.

E3: This add green tint to the photo causing the orange and yellow to pop. It gives you a type of retro vibes.

S1: This filter is bright and highly saturated but it gives you this no-filter type of look.

G3: This is great if you want a grudge and moody type of filter. Also great for selfies.

A6: This filter add contrast to the photo. Make the whites more white and blacks more black.. Also have a yellow tint to it.

So I hope you guys use these filters to make a theme. Make sure you subscribe to my e-mail list so you can keep up with my lastest posts. So that’s all I have to say. Bye!!!

xxxx,                                               Jada


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